OpenStreetMap data when you want it, in the format you want it

Photo © Alexander Kachkaev CC BY-SA 2.0

The data you want

  1. places, admin boundaries, POIs, or any other data available in OSM
  2. from anywhere in the world
  3. available under the same terms as the OSM license

In the format you want

  1. your choice of standard or custom formats
  2. delivered by email, FTP, HTTP, etc.
  3. refreshed as frequently as you need it

Clear and simple pricing

  1. no tricks or complicated negotiations
  2. volume discounts
  3. pay in the major currency of your choosing
  4. cancel anytime

From a reliable partner

  1. operating since 2006
  2. years of experience supporting OSM and using OSM data commercially
  3. long standing supplier relationship with 80+ media companies around the world
  4. advisory board of industry experts

Why are we doing this?

We want to spread the use of open data in general and OpenStreetMap specifically. We believe the best way to encourage organizations to contribute to OSM (be that in data, money, or resources) is by helping them first make the transition to becoming consumers of the data.

Sample datasets

OpenStreetMap has a wealth of data around the globe, we help you use it. These are just a few representative samples:

  1. a shape file of Dakar, capital of Senegal
  2. CSV file of all the schools in Singapore
  3. Ukranian towns with names in Ukranian, Russian and English


Pricing depends on three factors: volume of data, frequency of update, and complexity of format. We can serve one off requests as well as on-going subscription service.

  • Customers willing to serve as case studies receive signifcantly reduced rates.
  • Customers willing to pay for a year in advance charged only 10 months instead of 12.
  • 10% discount for repeat customers.
  • We are happy to invoice you in any one of USD, EUR, GBP, INR, AUD, or BRL.
  • Interested in being a reseller or bulk buyer of our service? Let's talk.

About us

OpenCage Data is a division of Lokku. Founded in 2006 and based in London, Lokku are long time supporters of OSM - we’ve sponsored numerous State of the Map conferences, mapping parties, and made major donations to HOT-OSM and OSMF's server drives. We also run #geomob, a meetup of London location based service devs where we do our best to highlight geoinnovation.

We’re best known for Nestoria, our property search engine. We work closely with 80+ major media companies around the world, managing lots of data (geo and otherwise). Read the Nestoria case study to see how we use OSM data.

We're fortunate to work with the following team of advisors

  1. Andy Allan

    Andy is a freelance developer specialising in digital cartography and open-source geospatial development. A long-time OpenStreetMap contributor and developer, he has mapped swathes of London, created the OpenCycleMap and Transport map layers, and is a member of the OSMF Operations Working Group. His Thunderforest mapping platform provides high-quality OpenStreetMap cartography to hundreds of websites and mobile applications.
  2. Gari Araolaza

    Gari co-founded web development firm, CodeSyntax in 2000. In 2005 Google Maps and shortly later OpenStreetMap brought his attention to the agile geodata world. Since then he regularly edits OSM and participated in one of the earliest online maps mashups: Tagzania. As a native Basque speaker, he hopes open geodata can play an important role in reaching the long tail of multilingual users in the world.
  3. Gary Gale

    A self-professed map addict, Gary Gale has worked in the mapping and location space for over 20 years through a combination of luck and occasional good judgement. He is currently Geotechnologist-in-Residence at Lokku, where he is helping advance open geospatial technologies and bring them to new markets. Previously Gary was Director of Places and Director of Global Community Programs for Nokia and HERE. Prior to Nokia, he led Yahoo’s UK Geo Technologies group, helping Flickr and Fire Eagle do location based services and even worked at the European Space Agency, a job which really was rocket science. A Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, he tweets about maps, writes about them and even makes them.
  4. Marc Prioleau

    Marc Prioleau is the Managing Director of Prioleau Advisors, a Palo Alto based firm that provides advisory services for strategy, business expansion and M&A specifically for the location services industry. Prior to founding Prioleau Advisors in 2009, Marc worked in executive positions for GPS and mapping companies including Trimble Navigation, SiRF, deCarta and CloudMade. His nineteen years in the location services industry are a testimony to either a singular belief that location services would one day be the bedrock of the mobile internet or an equally singular lack of imagination. He has been an OpenStreetMap editor since 2006 and claims credit for most of the ski lifts at the Squaw Valley ski resort in California plus other odds and ends.
  5. Marc Tobias Metten

    Marc Tobias Metten is based in Münster, Germany. He was the first employee of Lokku, before that he was in the search data group at Yahoo!, and before that one of the first employees of He almost single handedly mapped a roughly 10km x 10km region of Germany for OSM. He also works on mapless and maprint.
  6. Sajjad Anwar

    Sajjad Anwar is a hacktivist and programmer based in Bangalore, India. He works in the research and design of data analytics and infographics. He hearts maps and often makes one. He is found working with other technologists, social activists and researchers in education, human rights and policy making. He pushes code here and blogs here.
  7. Tyler Bell

    Tyler Bell is a geotechnologist with broad interests in open source and place-based information systems. He is currently Director of Product at Factual, a Series A start-up that imposes order on the Internet where none otherwise exists. He previously managed Platform Technologies at LikeList, and led the Geo Technologies product team at Yahoo, where he launched the Placemaker and GeoPlanet geo-enrichment platform. A former archaeologist specializing in landscape analysis and the semantic integration of heterogeneous data, Tyler gained his doctorate at the University of Oxford before founding a technology spin-out company from the University in 2001

Case study: Nestoria

Nestoria is a search engine for real estate operating in eight countries. The service uses geodata to geocode millions of property listings and deal with the search queries of over three million users a month across markets as diverse Brazil, India, Australia and western Europe. While it's expensive it is certainly possible to buy data for developed markets like Spain or Germany, but trying to affordably obtain reliable data for rapidly changing markets like India and Brazil presented a major challenge that Nestoria solved by using OpenStreetMap data.

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